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Articles that I have written for print and online publication.

Adoption Blogs

As a blogger for, I wrote the US Infant Adoption, Transracial & Transcultural Adoption, and Hoping to Adopt blogs. Please note: The site has been reorganized and most content prior to 2014 is no longer available. I have republished the content here.

Here are a few of my favorite posts:

FFF Friday: “Adoptive mothers are already subject to added scrutiny…”, Fearless Formula Feeder
An article that I wrote for the Fearless Formula Feeder blog, explaining that adoptive moms are facing increased pressure to breastfeed, what this pressure means for these moms, and why it is misplaced.

Sports Wife,” The Bedford Journal and The Merrimack Journal
My husband Max was a sports reporter in southern New Hampshire. He had a weekly column, “Max Out.” The weeks of our wedding and honeymoon, I wrote one of his columns, which his editor dubbed “Max Out (Robyn In).”

Cinemania Connections Reviews
As the Cinemania Connections Editor for Microsoft Corporation, I had the opportunity to scour the web for the best entertainment-related web sites. I provide a few of my favorite reviews for your review.