Adaptable writer and trainer with more than 20 years of experience in technical and marketing communications. Superior written and oral communication skills, with great attention to detail and accuracy. Aptitude for learning new technologies and information quickly. Proven ability to develop different formats and types of documents for a wide range of readers in a variety of settings. Exceptional project planning ability. Thorough knowledge of accessibility (Section 508, ADA) guidelines for information technology. Experience with process mapping, information mapping, usability testing, and creating documentation sets from scratch.

Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows, Macintosh OS X
Languages: HTML, SGML, XML
Software: Adobe Acrobat, Adobe FrameMaker (structured and non-structured), BitBucket (Git), Confluence, Google G-Suite, JIRA, MadCap Flare, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Numbers, Pages, Salesforce, Slack, SnagIt, banking mainframe systems and software, content management systems, bug databases, social media, and photo-organization applications


Bastille Networks
San Francisco, CA
November 2019-present

PwC (through Randstad Technologies)
Nashua, NH
September 2018-September 2019

  • Assessed technical documentation needs for the Global Salesforce project.
  • Researched technical documentation topics by reading design documents,
    requirements, and presentations.
  • Interviewed and solicited information from a diverse network of subject matter
  • Wrote documentation about Salesforce integrations, testing, APIs, and other highly
    technical subjects.
  • Set up a completely new MadCap Flare project, including CSS, page layouts, and
    templates, for the Global Salesforce documentation effort.

Vlocity, Inc.
San Francisco, CA
November 2015-present

  • Working closely with subject matter experts from many disciplines located around the world, wrote and edited documentation about REST APIs, Apex APIs, Contract Management, CPQ on Salesforce, Cards on Salesforce, and Salesforce-related topics.
  • Coordinated and lead the documentation effort for Vlocity Communications, Media, & Energy.
  • Provided documentation support for Vlocity Public Sector.
  • Created and maintained the Vlocity Help Center, in collaboration with Vlocity
  • Evaluated available documentation tools and selected MadCap Flare. Converted
    existing documentation from Salesforce Knowledge to MadCap Flare. Created MadCap Flare CSS, templates, layouts, and other project files. Maintained the MadCap Flare writing environment.
  • Collaborated with a small writing team to create and refine documentation processes.

Wells Fargo Bank, NA (through Rose International)
Concord, CA
May 2014-November 2015

  • Working closely with subject matter experts, write procedures for the Credit Card Fraud Claims department, including the Payment Review (HDD), Fraudulent Applications, DASH, L to U, and Management Information Systems (MIS) teams.
  • Ensure that procedures match process maps, adhere to legal standards, and meet Compliance and Operational Risk requirements.
  • Edit procedures for the Credit Card Fraud Claims department and the Personal Loan & Lines department.
  • Maintain procedure libraries in Open Text.
  • Collaborate on style guide for documenting software.

California Chamber of Commerce (through Randstad Technologies)
Sacramento, CA
January 2011-January 2018 (intermittent, project-based work)

  • Converted the California Labor Law Digest, a book of over 1,000 pages, from Adobe InDesign to Adobe FrameMaker.
  • As part of a team, edited the California Labor Law Digest to minimize complex legal language and simplify the information for common readers.
  • Indexed the California Labor Law Digest.
  • Assisted in the early stages of single-sourcing efforts.

Avanquest North America Inc.
Pleasanton, CA
February 2008–November 2011

  • Documented retail software products, including a computer assisted drawing home design product, system utilities, desktop management software, and print creativity software by testing software, interviewing subject matter experts, and researching various technologies.
  • Edited documents for a wide variety of applications.
  • Worked with European translators to produce documentation in seven languages.
  • Created Adobe FrameMaker templates.
  • Converted existing written material into Adobe FrameMaker from Microsoft Word, HTML, Adobe InDesign, and Quark formats.
  • Assisted in developing corporate writing style guidelines and documentation processes.

February 2009–December 2010

  • Using WordPress, wrote 15 posts per month about domestic infant adoption, transracial adoption, and general adoption topics.
  • Researched adoption-related topics, including state adoption laws, transracial adoptee issues, the adoption process, open adoption, and the green movement as it relates to children and adoption.
  • Followed current events for adoption-related news and issues relevant to adoptive families.
  • Reviewed relevant books, movies, and television programs.

Oracle Corporation
Documentation Tools
Nashua, NH & Redwood Shores, CA
July 1999–January 2005

  • Planned, wrote, and maintained a 1,500-page documentation set about Adobe FrameMaker, SGML and XML documentation templates, XHTML creation, Adobe Acrobat and PDF creation, and document archive and release processes.
  • Answered an average of 70 support questions per month about these topics.
  • Converted over 13,000 pages of unstructured FrameMaker documents to structured, SGML- or XML-enabled FrameMaker documents.
  • Created and presented training for the SGML and XML Templates Suites.
  • Developed style and procedural guidelines to ensure accessibility of technical publications to satisfy Section 508 (also known as ADA) requirements.
  • Performed thorough quality analysis on documents from across departments to ensure they met strict production and publication standards.
  • Acted as webmaster for team intranet site, including ensuring accessibility compliance.
  • Part of a group that developed internal tools and standards for over 100 technical writers across corporate divisions.

Nashua Theatre Guild
Nashua, NH
June 2003–August 2004

  • Created all collateral, including advertising sell sheets, mock programs, flyers, informational brochure, and business cards, resulting in higher market penetration and better box office results.
  • Designed new logo for a 40-year old community theatre group.
  • Designed advertisements for promotional sales and posters for several productions.

Nashua Theatre Guild
Nashua, NH
July 1999–April 2004

  • Designed new template for playbills that would suit all productions.
  • Communicated with directors and producers to ensure accurate content.
  • Created and enhanced advertisements using publishing and illustration software.

Board of Directors
Nashua Theatre Guild
Nashua, NH
June 2001–June 2003

  • Recorded minutes at Nashua Theatre Guild Board of Directors meetings.
  • Chaired a committee to update group bylaws.
  • Chaired a committee to write an instructional document for directors new to the group.

Oracle eTravel
Waltham, MA
October 1998–July 1999

  • Pioneered the documentation effort at a small start-up.
  • Created documentation strategies for multiple releases of a web-based self-service travel application.
  • Wrote online and print documentation for system administrators, travel managers, and travelers. These included online help and error messages.
  • Collaborated with product managers, engineers, and customer service representatives to analyze audiences and ensure document quality.
  • Wrote internal style guide.

Microsoft Corporation
MSN Hotmail
Sunnyvale, CA
March 1998–September 1998

  • Created, revised, updated, and edited all Hotmail documentation for end users, system administrators, and developers, including context-sensitive online help.
  • Worked across departments to produce procedural documentation and 100 customer support auto-response messages.
  • Partnered with the User Interface team to create content for weekly releases of Hotmail.
  • Revised the Hotmail web site, including the company’s media kit.

Netscape Communications Corporation
Mountain View, CA
July 1997–January 1998

  • Developed help topics and UNIX installation notes.
  • Revised installation guides for Communicator Dial Up products.
  • Monitored customer newsgroups to ensure that documentation met customer needs. Answered customer queries on these newsgroups.
  • Assisted in designing and administering a documentation usability study.

Microsoft Corporation
Redmond, WA
August 1996–May 1997

  • Reviewed film-related web sites for inclusion on the Microsoft Cinemania web site and CD.
  • Updated and maintained reviews.
  • Maintained Microsoft Access database of film sites.

Microsoft Corporation
Redmond, WA
May 1996–August 1996

  • As project lead for System Administration for SQL Server 6.5 training course, revised, edited, and updated the course for new release.
  • Verified technical correctness of labs and workbook modules.
  • Organized course usability study.
  • Designed web pages for classroom labs.

Computing Skills Workshop
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA
January 1995–May 1996

  • Wrote and designed the textbook Macintosh Microsoft Excel 5.0 based on extensive user testing.
  • Created the template used for all Computing Skills Workshop textbooks.
  • Developed content and storyboards for Macintosh and UNIX multimedia lecture presentations.
  • Worked with presentation developers to write instructors’ documentation for 26 lecture presentations.
  • Wrote tutorials and lecture presentations for Computing Skills Workshop for Drama students.

Computing Skills Workshop
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA
August 1994–December 1996

  • Designed a beginning computer course for Drama students.
  • Taught cross-platform freshman computer classes, each consisting of 20 students. Subjects included basic Macintosh, Windows, and UNIX skills; spreadsheet, word processing, desktop publishing, and graphics software; and the Internet and electronic mail.
  • Wrote and graded assignments and exams.
  • Conducted staff meetings.
  • Tutored students on a one-to-one basis when necessary.

Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, May 1997
Bachelor of Humanities and Arts in Professional Writing and Performance Studies

  • Graduated with College and University Honors, 3.7 GPA
  • Inducted as a member of the Phi Beta Kappa Society
  • Wrote Macintosh Microsoft Excel 5.0 course textbook, published by McGraw-Hill