Excerpts from some of the dozens of books I have authored, presented in PDF.

Oracle DARB XML Templates Tutorial
How to use every major element and feature in XML-enabled FrameMaker 7.0 templates. The Tutorial was used for both self-paced and instructor-led training. The two excerpts are:

Oracle DARB XML Templates User’s Guide
How to author and edit documentation using XML-enabled FrameMaker 7.0 templates. The two excerpts are:

Oracle Documentation Archiving and Releasing Processes Manual
How to prepare documents for archiving, how to archive all types of documentation, and how to ensure that documentation is released. This four-page excerpt contains frequently asked questions about archiving HTML.

Oracle Documentation Basics Guide
How to become acquainted with Oracle style, policies, and resources. This three-page excerpt explains Section 508 accessibility concepts and some of the requirements.

HGTV Home Design Software User Manual
How to use HGTV Home Design Software, a CAD program that enables everyday people to design their own homes, including landscaping, decks, and outbuildings. The two excerpts are:

Photo Explosion User Manual
How to use Photo Explosion, photo editing software. The two excerpts are:

Print Artist User Guide
How to use Print Artist, print creativity software that creates a plethora of projects, including greeting cards, labels, and calendars. The two excerpts are:

SystemSuite User’s Guide
How to use SystemSuite, an all-in-one computer tune-up, repair, and maintenance program. This five-page excerpt explains the utility Registry Fixer. Note: I designed the FrameMaker template on which this book is based.

eTravel Guide to Using ETViews
Explains the eTravel database views available for configuration by the database administrator. This three-page excerpt shows several tables listing database parameters.

eTravel System Management and Configuration Guide
Explains how to maintain the eTravel system servers for system administrators. This four-page excerpt explains backing up the eTravel system.