Excerpts from some of the dozens of books I have authored, presented in PDF.

Vlocity Omnichannel REST API Reference Guide
Thorough descriptions of each Vlocity omnichannel API. Unfortunately, the descriptions are proprietary. Four pages of introductory concepts are presented here.

Oracle DARB XML Templates Tutorial
How to use every major element and feature in XML-enabled FrameMaker 7.0 templates. The Tutorial was used for both self-paced and instructor-led training. The two excerpts are:

Oracle DARB XML Templates User’s Guide
How to author and edit documentation using XML-enabled FrameMaker 7.0 templates. The two excerpts are:

Oracle Documentation Archiving and Releasing Processes Manual
How to prepare documents for archiving, how to archive all types of documentation, and how to ensure that documentation is released. This four-page excerpt contains frequently asked questions about archiving HTML.

Oracle Documentation Basics Guide
How to become acquainted with Oracle style, policies, and resources. This three-page excerpt explains Section 508 accessibility concepts and some of the requirements.

HGTV Home Design Software User Manual
How to use HGTV Home Design Software, a CAD program that enables everyday people to design their own homes, including landscaping, decks, and outbuildings. The two excerpts are:

Photo Explosion User Manual
How to use Photo Explosion, photo editing software. The two excerpts are:

Print Artist User Guide
How to use Print Artist, print creativity software that creates a plethora of projects, including greeting cards, labels, and calendars. The two excerpts are:

SystemSuite User’s Guide
How to use SystemSuite, an all-in-one computer tune-up, repair, and maintenance program. This five-page excerpt explains the utility Registry Fixer. Note: I designed the FrameMaker template on which this book is based.

eTravel Guide to Using ETViews
Explains the eTravel database views available for configuration by the database administrator. This three-page excerpt shows several tables listing database parameters.

eTravel System Management and Configuration Guide
Explains how to maintain the eTravel system servers for system administrators. This four-page excerpt explains backing up the eTravel system.