Cinemania Connections Reviews

Microsoft Cinemania
August 1996 through May 1997

Note: Unfortunately, most of these web sites no longer exist. 

Bing Crosby Home Page
This site deserves a link just for “What They Said About Bing,” a section of quotes from famous stars about Bing Crosby. The colors may be a bit offensive to the eyes, but the information is thorough and well presented.

An Evening with Mandy Patinkin
The complete tour schedule, his history in film and onstage, an all-inclusive FAQ – literally everything one could ever want to know about Mandy/Inigo/George/Dr. Jeffrey Geiger. Four stars!

The Gene Kelly Home Page
“Do you know where Sunset and Camden is? Do you smile in the rain? Then this is the place for you!” An excellent site with literally every scrap of information and beautiful images.

The Laendler
An hilarious site! Was Maria going for the wet look? Why did she climb to the top of a mountain to sing right before Mass? And what’s up with the psychological profiles of the children? If you’ve ever seen the movie, you’ll think this site is a riot!

The Lost World: Site B
Quite an interesting interface – learn more about the movie, genetics, and dinosaurs by touring Hammond’s office. (Wait a minute, didn’t he die? So much for continuity!)

Montgomery Clift Home Page
You won’t find a filmography, but you will find the collected articles, songs, and poems about “Monty.” A unique take on the traditional home page.

A Tribute to Rene Russo
Does Rene Russo really deserve a tribute? This webmaster seems to think so, and has included images, articles, and film information to support his claim. Quite high class.

Zap Pictures: Still Breathing
This site would be great even if it only contained “Educating the Professor,” but it contains so much more. The “private diaries,” essays, what it was like on location… add so much more than you expect from an official site.

Marky Mark Fanclub Homepage
The famous pants-dropper has his own site, and it’s surprisingly well put together. Everything from lyrics to audio clips to biographical information to a detailed timeline. Someone spent a lot of procrastination time on this, and it shows.

How can you resist a site that’s this cute? Aimed at children or those with a real liking for pigs, this site contains a pig trivia contest, a coloring book, and a tour of the Hoggetts’ farm.

The Completely Unofficial Shrine to Michael Biehn
“One-of-a-kind, full-color, feature-length, larger-than-life, full-automated, critically-acclaimed, kid-tested (mother-approved), caffeine-free, accept-no-subsitutes, take-no prisoners, don’t-feed-the-animals, have-a-nice-day.” With an intro like that, why do you need a review?

A tribute to George Reeves, the original Superman and Brent Tarleton in Gone with the Wind. Forgive the really ugly colors and concentrate on the innovative content, including a reader’s forum and a question and important dates.

Bette of Roses
This divinely inspired site focuses on Miss M.’s music career and includes multimedia, clips from interviews, and a section about her commitment to clean up the environment. (Which makes that episode of “The Simpsons” that much funnier.)

UnOfficial Jurassic Park Home Page
Very nice! Literally everything you could want related to Jurassic Park. Also includes The Lost World, the worst idea for a sequel since Scarlett.

Welcome to Halloween!! – The Nightmare Before Christmas
What can one say about this site? It’s purple, scrolly font-ed, regularly updated, full of images! In short, it’s great!

Vegas Vacation
If the best laid plans of mice and men actually went as planned, then they wouldn’t have to make these National Lampoon Vacation movies. However, since nothing ever goes right in this world, we have the 4th installment, and a picturesque website to go with it.