Information Management

As the first and only technical writer at both Hotmail and eTravel, I was responsible for creating both planning and style documents. At Oracle, I was a member of the Style Guide Review Board, as well as one of a select group of people who could approve or reject books before they went to print. Presented in PDF are excerpts of some planning and style documents from these three companies.

Hotmail Documentation Style Guide
Created for the MSN Hotmail User Interface team, this excerpt presents entries for the letter A, explanations of the Microsoft Word templates, and other choice entries.

Oracle Documentation Style Guide, Accessibility Chapter
As a member of the Style Guide Review Board, I was the primary author for the chapter about Section 508 accessibility. The chapter was peer-reviewed and edited for inclusion in the style guide. Presented are 8 pages of the 29 page chapter.

eTravel Human Interface Analysis
Created between releases of eTravel 3.5 and 4.0, this document analyzes key pieces of the entire eTravel product line.

eTravel Web Traveler Module Help Information Requirements
Created for the eTravel 3.5 release, this document discusses the documentation work needed for the eTravel Web Traveler component.